Who is Kaitlyn Dunnett?


           Kaitlyn Dunnett is the pseudonym I chose to use on my contemporary mysteries because I am better known under my own name (Kathy Lynn Emerson) for historical mysteries, nonfiction, and historical romances. I used a pseudonym once before, for three contemporary category romances I wrote for Silhouette. That name was Kaitlyn (the name Iíd have given myself rather than Kathy Lynn) Gorton (my maiden name). I didnít want to use the same pseudonym again, since these new books are mysteries, not romances, so I kept the Kaitlyn and borrowed the surname of one of my favorite authors, Dorothy Dunnett. I was hoping to reduce confusion by using different names for my contemporary and my historical mysteries, but opinion is mixed on whether this was a good idea or not. In the meantime, just to make things more complicated, I've started using yet another pseudonym, Kate Emerson, to write non-mystery historical novels set in the Tudor era.

††††††††††† I live on a Christmas tree farm in Maine with my husband and assorted cats and although I am not currently involved in things Scottish, I have been in the past.

††††††††††† Below is a picture of me, many years ago now, with the bass drum I once played in a small, rural, bagpipe band that was, sadly, short-lived.

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This next shot shows me, my husband (on bagpipes), and my father-in-law (on drum), practicing with the band.

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Since those shots were taken, I've gotten a lot older and gave up the drum for the pen. Here I am in a recent candid shot taken when I volunteered at a local library (Treat Memorial in Livermore Falls, Maine) as part of a Sisters in Crime event celebrating librarians and booksellers.

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In addition to having played the bagpipes, my husband is also a talented woodworker and the real-life source of the projects "Dan Ruskin" works on in the Liss MacCrimmon Mysteries. For more information, click here: Description: C:\Users\Kathy Emerson\Documents\My Web Sites\Kaitlyndunnett\httpdocs\go.jpg

As I already mentioned, we live on a Christmas tree farm. That's my husband, Sandy, in the photograph below.

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Now let me introduce you to the inspiration for the real star of the Liss MacCrimmon Mystery Series, "Lumpkin" the cat. Although described in the books as "a big yellow tom," in reality he is buff-colored. He doesn't weigh quite as much as his fictional counterpart, either, although he's making every effort to reach that point!


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He now has his own page here at my website. Just click here to see more cat pictures.


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