Where is Moosetookalook, Maine?


Moosetookalook, Maine is the small town Liss MacCrimmon returns to when she needs to recover from an injury and reinvent herself. It does not really exist, although it has characteristics in common with any number of small, rural Maine communities.

The name came from the small pond we dug on our property to drain a swampy area. We dubbed it Moosetookalook because moose have come to drink there. It also attracts, deer, ducks, frogs, and other critters.


Moosetookalook is in Carrabassett County, Maine. That doesn't really exist either. I've placed it between the real counties of Franklin and Oxford in the Western Maine Mountains. (Those are real!). All of the places in this fictional county are fictional, too. Fallstown, Waycross Springs, and any others I may make up in the future, are not just other names for real towns. I will confess that the University of Maine at Fallstown bears a strong resemblance to the University of Maine at Farmington, where I worked as a library assistant for almost a decade, but the books in the Liss MacCrimmon series are fiction and so are most of the places and things, and all of the people, in them. That goes for highland games, businesses, and dance companies, too. Although there may be exceptions as the series goes on, the only time I ordinarily use a real place is when it is too large to ignore, such as Portland, Bangor, and their respective airports. Out-of-state locations, however, are generally real places.



Below is a map I drew for my own use in figuring out where places were in relation to one another. I am no kind of an artist, but since readers seem to be interested in such details, I am happy to share my pitiful effort. Next to it is a map of the real counties in Maine, so you can see where I left out some county lines, as well as entire counties. Since I blithely replaced whole towns in Oxford and Franklin Counties with sections of Carrabassett County, I wasn't too concerned about such things when I made my map. I hadn't yet decided how to spell Carrabassett, either!